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Significance of Lone Worker Online CPD Course

Many healthcare professionals and social care providers have to work alone without direct supervision or in any case. They have to encounter hazardous situations and isolated places, and even have to work outside their operating hours. There they do not get a helping hand. Lone workers find themselves exposed to many hazardous situations like accidents, […]

Important Healthcare Training Courses for the Healthcare Professionals

Health Care professionals have to operate in risky situations and are often exposed to diseases and other hazards. Mandatory health care training courses help patients comply with the policies and legislative and regulatory requirements. In the Health and social care sphere, it is ensured that medical, nursing and healthcare staff work safely and effectively. The […]

Leadership Skills to Improve Workplace Mental Health

Well-being isn’t confined to physical health but also focuses on emotional health. A healthy workplace provides more productivity and leads employees to get engaged in their roles with loyalty. In a survey report, more than half of the employees suffer from mental health problems. So, it’s our priority to provide awareness about mental health among […]

Significance of Online CPD Courses in the Health & Service Sector

Regular learning is imperative in the workplace environment to improve professional efficiency. It is this reason why companies and organisations are now offering in-house training to their employees. Learning and getting acquainted with the latest knowledge and skills through these Online CPD courses is an ongoing process in any profession, especially in the health care […]

Work and Wellbeing – Why Choose Mental Health at Work

  Mental health should be a year-round commitment. According to WHO, “mental health is recognised not only as the absence of mental disorder. It is a state of well-being where a person realises his/her true potential, or even can deal with the normal stress, work productively and fruitfully, and contribute to the community”. Unfortunately, people […]