A modern learning experience designed to engage learners with the information they need to succeed—when and where they want it. We have put together a list of possible CPD courses such as free and paid e-learning, online courses, and training resources, alike. You can also search for courses and learning modules in your area of specialism.

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Online CPD Courses Overview

The ability to be able to perform one’s job effectively in a fulfilling way benefits the employee, employer and anyone receiving the services. Octrac Consulting also provides e-learning CPD courses, mandatory and statutory training for health and social care organisations to enable employees to function effectively in their roles. E-Learning enables people to have fun, learn, and develop irrespective of their location. Should your organisation wish to develop their online training, Octrac can help them set up so that they can use our platform to establish their online training.

E-learning Training Solutions

Looking for an accredited provider of a wide range of high-quality, interactive online CPD courses? We provide online learning courses for mental health, mental health, health care, personal and professional development. All our online courses are regularly updated to be in line with relevant UK legislation and requirements – so your online course content is always up to date and appropriate.

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