Counter Fraud, Bribery, & Corruption in NHS

Everyone should know how to deal with fraud. According to the government statistics, global fraud costs more than a trillion dollars every year with each accounting for corruption, bribery, and fraud. Only in the health care sector, you might find astounding figures. Corruption takes many forms, including abusing power for financial grains, resulting in severe consequences amounting to the lack of access to health care, equity, and obstacles to achieving the long-term goal of universal health coverage.

 How Fraud, Bribery, and Corruption affect healthcare? 

Fraud costs the taxpayer billions of pounds every year, so it is imperative to save money that is lost through fraud as it is money that is used for patient services and staff costs. It also has a severe impact on the healthcare sector. The fraud constitutes false or fabricated reports of medical conditions. This false reporting happens intending to defraud public-funded healthcare. It is a reflection of the health care system bureaucracy, lack of oversight, and communication in the reimbursement process. All these issues make public health care an irresistible target. 

In fact, Bribery is also a chief concern as it is illegal. No one in the health care sector should pay, take or offer a bribe, for instance, staff working in the procurement teams might offer bribes while signing large contracts.

Role of the NHS in controlling fraud, bribery, and corruption 

Each person operating in the NHS plays a vital role in Countering Fraud, Bribery, and Corruption, in fact everyone needs to know how to deal with fraud, bribery and corruption. Each one servicing the sector does so by being vigilant, following laid down procedures, and raising concerns.

The Benefit of taking up Counter Fraud, Bribery, and Corruption in the NHS training course 

It is a comprehensive e-learning course, through which learners can get comprehensive knowledge about the legislation regarding corruption, fraud, and bribery in the NHS. Each student gets comprehensive training in an amicable environment so that they can have an understanding of the legislation regarding fraud, bribery, and corruption in the NHS.  Learners get to learn in a comprehensive free blended learning environment. 

The course is optimal for voluntary staff and unpaid workers in NHS and private hospitals. Even local doctors, health care professionals, agencies, nurses, and other healthcare assistants can join the e-learning course.

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