Good health is key to staying productive at work. So maintaining health is crucial to living a healthy and balanced life. Moreover, working on your emotions and anger management can lead to a successful and peaceful life. In addition, everyone has a duty to make sure that a workplace is a secure place.

Octrac Consulting is a leading provider of accredited CPD Health and Safety courses in London for all sectors. We help our learners reach their potential through our interactive eLearning platform.  The health and safety courses offer benefits for both employers and employees, as well as they how to conduct a risk assessment

Why should you opt for Health and Safety Courses?

Our courses are approved by the most contemporary and awarding organisation “Training Qualifications UK Centre.” We covered all essential training packages that offer practical tips and methods to make your emotional understanding and food choices better.

Anyone who wants to prioritise their health in order to establish a good work-life balance and realise their full potential on both a personal and professional level should enrol in one of our online Health and Safety Essentials training courses.

The course content includes the following modules:

  • Manual handling of objects.
  • Handling violence and aggression.
  • Resuscitation for immediate life support.
  • Food safety in healthcare.
  • Conflict resolution.

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