Nothing beats the feeling of giving back and making a genuine difference in someone’s life. Helping and supporting others gives us a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Our health and social care workers require professional skills and devote their lives to helping others. That’s why courses in health and social care are extremely important in our society. 

No matter which field you work in, effective care requires skilled professionals. The advantages of taking health and social care courses assist learners in balancing their work and personal lives. 

Octrac Consulting is right here to help you acquire these essential skills for a health and social care career. We will assist you in understanding the rules and regulations you must follow, as well as the distinction between health and social care. 

Why should you opt for Health and Social Care Courses?

If you enrol with us, then you will be familiar with the basic roles and responsibilities of health and social care. Furthermore, you will learn the significance of effective communication, and the roles and legal rights of social workers in health care. Our courses prepare you to study the legal standards and necessary principles and policies that you must follow and understand. The modules we cover in our courses are given below:

  • Understanding your role.
  • Mental health awareness.
  • Mandatory training for care staff and workers.
  • Safe handling of medical training.

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Disability and learning disability awareness

Dual Diagnosis Training | Online CPD Course