The Psychological Effects of COVID-19 on the Society


COVID-19 has been a pandemic unlike any other the world has ever seen, causing psychological effects. It’s not like we have seen that many pandemics since the industrial revolution, but a pandemic of global proportion has never been seen before in history. Mental health due to COVID-19 has been severely altered and the society is not the same as it once used to be.

In this article, we will be having a brief look at the psychological effects of COVID-19 on society. The data and statistics have been collected via mental health COVID-19 surveys and will highlight key psychological areas that have been severely affected and altered.

1. Fear and Paranoia:

A relation between mental health and COVID-19 research has revealed that the virus has been a catalyst for spreading fear in society. More than anything, the fear alone is responsible for a number of deaths. Reports from around the world indicated a large number of people committed suicide solely based on the fear of having contracted COVID-19 from someone they knew. Even patients who received news of testing positive for COVID-19 committed suicide. Though the intentions remain unknown, the main culprit is said to be fear.

The fear is also responsible for making people extremely paranoid. People are now avoiding social gatherings and even avoiding one on contact with anyone; whether it is with friends or family. The paranoia is having a significant effect on the behavior of people, making them more antisocial and judgmental. People with common cold or flu are observing prejudice and are being avoided by healthy individuals in fear of contracting the deadly disease.

2. Isolation:

Isolation is another culprit that is affecting people negatively. A mental health COVID-19 study indicated that highly social and active individuals are suffering from high unrest and getting increasingly frustrated with no social activity or interaction.

Many mental health COVID-19 surveys indicated that people demand more leniencies for laws forbidding people from going outdoors. With increasing frustration, people are now getting about ready to take the risk of getting exposed to the deadly virus if it means they will finally get to have the few minutes of freedom they crave so heavily.

3. Economic Disruption:

The world was never ready for such a widespread pandemic that will disrupt the global market. As COVID-19 caused the majority of the businesses around the globe to shut down with major industries such as energy, transportation, and petroleum also being affected by it as well; the economical unrest and fear of losing a job has left a severe negative impact on the mental health of many.

Many have been fired and now wander, or rather wonder how they will be providing for their families. The economical unrest is similar around the globe and the world suffers greatly because of it in terms of psychological health.

Though the range and impact of COVID-19 on the mental and psychological health of healthy individuals is severe, mental health for COVID-19 patients is even worse. They are being treated as outcasts which have resulted in them suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies.

We can conclude that COVID-19 has shaken the psychological foundation of the society and its full effects can only be observed and realized with time.

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