Significance of Lone Worker Online CPD Course

Many healthcare professionals and social care providers have to work alone without direct supervision or in any case. They have to encounter hazardous situations and isolated places, and even have to work outside their operating hours. There they do not get a helping hand. Lone workers find themselves exposed to many hazardous situations like accidents, illnesses, or other emergencies. The employer thus is obliged to ensure the safety and health of a lone worker. On the other hand, a worker should also follow the safety, health guidelines, and directions.

What are the responsibilities of a Lone Worker?

Lone workers have the responsibility to look after the safety and health of their own and others.
Make sure other people are not impacted by their work

They should cooperate with their employee’s safety and health procedures
Health care workers have the complete first aid and safety kit with them when they are on duty.
They should timely report the accident or injury cases in case any dangerous situation comes up.

Overview of the UK’s Lone Workers Regulation

The UK government has many lone working law regulations to protect the significant number of lone workers in UK companies. There are two main aspects to it- ensure employees’ safety and protect companies from any liability. All parties have their role to play to ascertain that safety requirements are in place in their operational areas. The Lone working legislations include the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Health & Safety Offences Act 2008, and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

What is the benefit of the Lone Worker Online CPD Course?

Our online lone worker training course complies with the latest UK legislation and according to the set requirements. After the course, candidates get the self-awareness, and confidence to work without any supervision and improve their health and safety. You will improve your communication skills, attain positive body language, and develop necessary risk assessment skills, situational crisis management, and how to deal with medical emergency. There are many factors to take into account when working alone.

Why You Should Opt For Octrac Consulting Lone Working CPD Course

Through the course, you will get comprehensible knowledge about UK legislation and how to deal with the crisis. A deeper understanding is imparted about the activities of the lone worker and the problems they face while performing their duty. It’s crucial to understand what to do in case of a medical emergency.

Our learning course is best for those who are looking forward to improving their knowledge and issues of lone working.
At the end of the lone worker e-learning course, learners will complete an online assessment and they can download a Free CPD certificate.
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