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Mental health education should be a need for everyone.

Mental health education should be a need for everyone.

Every person has mental health and each person needs to have some basic mental health education. Basic mental health education enables people to have an understanding of mental health and mental illness. People who have an understanding of mental health are likely to look after themselves and reduce the risk of developing mental illness. Taking […]

Healthcare Training And Competencies: Is ELearning The Answer?

Mental Health At Work Account Based Management

Over the past few years, we have worked with various healthcare and social care organisations to upskill their staff and maintain regulatory compliance requirements. With the various financial challenges facing both sectors, workforce development budgets are increasingly constrained and providers have had to adopt innovative methods to meet regulatory requirements. Indeed, some have reluctantly adopted […]

Using Elearning To Support Traditional, Instructor Led Training

Reality Check: traditional classroom learning methods on their own are not enough in the modern and corporate sectors. The modern business environment is dynamic and requires a pragmatic approach to workforce development. I’m not saying you should get rid of traditional classroom training, no of course not! But – it’s now time to embrace a […]