Using Elearning To Support Traditional, Instructor Led Training

Reality Check: traditional classroom learning methods on their own are not enough in the modern and corporate sectors. The modern business environment is dynamic and requires a pragmatic approach to workforce development.

I’m not saying you should get rid of traditional classroom training, no of course not!

But – it’s now time to embrace a digital transformation and use online learning to help support your traditional training sessions so that your employees get the best out of their training day.

There are 4 key issues with traditional classroom training courses:

Lack of Flexibility

The modern-day business environment is fast paced, so many employers require their employees to learn as many skills as they can in the most convenient way. This requires them to learn in a flexible way, a feature that traditional learning lacks.

Traditional learning restricts learners to a one-time event, being stuck in the moment means they are unable to stay up to date with the relevant information. Majority of employees have very little motivation for on-site training sessions too, this can translate negatively towards the training day too.

Robotic, rigid learning

Traditional learning methods are very similar to the old days, when you were sitting in a classroom – bored. How much do you remember from what you learnt at school? I expect not much. Compare these school lessons, to the lessons you have learnt from things you have picked up from other people you have met, your job role, travels, books movies and even films.

We probably learn a lot more unconsciously!

Traditional training methods struggle in the modern workplace for several reasons. For example, many companies are guilty of wanted to get mandatory training done as a tick box exercise and so training courses are rolled out mindlessly.

The rush to roll out training sessions means there’s no time to fully analyse the learners needs and often the training leaves no relevant to the learner’s workplace activities as they have to teach in a inflexible format and are on timescales.

 Long, boring days

Okay so you may have an amazing presentation for your training day, but even having great content can fail to make a mark on the audiences minds, especially if the day is too long or boring. This is a fact: bored learners will not learn much, or if they do it will be unmemorable.

in modern, dynamic business settings, your learners are probably used to learning from on-demand online content. They demand the convenience of learning from their mobile or tablet – not your 2-3 hour long presentation, this won’t impress them.

Forget everything

Okay so the training day is complete. Now what?

How much of the content have your learners absorbed? Majority of people won’t actually remember much of what was said for long.

In fact, the Mehrabian Model proves this, as it demonstrated that only 7% of what we communicate consist of the literal content of the message 55% is down to things such as body movements/facial expressions and 38% is based on voice/tone/modulation/pauses…

Keep an eye out for our future blog which will give you more details on the Mehrabian Model!

 “There is no learning without remembering…”

This is where LearnPac comes in play – it’s great to follow up traditional classroom training with elearning as this provides your learners with a quick recap of what was covered on the day and can help refresh their memory using various interactive tools.

A further benefit of this is that learners have access to the online material wherever and whenever they need it, as all online courses are smart phone and tablet friendly.

Alternatively, elearning could be used before training sessions to give learners the basic understanding of the topic, so they are more engaged with the classroom course and can relate more to it.

So to conclude, classroom training by itself may not always be the best method of teaching but with the support of elearning – these two together make a killer combo!

“We strive to become better than we are…”

Here at LearnPac we strongly stand by the quote above and are always finding new ways to change, improve and advance the online learning management features. LearnPac is a cutting edge, innovative, accredited UK online learning management system (LMS) provider.

Our team of experienced content developers, copy writers and technical developers always carefully think, plan and implement their ideas to create a fantastic e-learning system that is constantly being updated and upgraded so you can get the best out of your online system and can give both you and your employees a learning experience they won’t forget!

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